syne_tune.optimizer.schedulers.searchers.constrained.constrained_gp_fifo_searcher module

class syne_tune.optimizer.schedulers.searchers.constrained.constrained_gp_fifo_searcher.ConstrainedGPFIFOSearcher(config_space, metric, points_to_evaluate=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: MultiModelGPFIFOSearcher

Gaussian process-based constrained hyperparameter optimization (to be used with FIFOScheduler).

Additional arguments on top of parent class MultiModelGPFIFOSearcher:


constraint_attr – Name of constraint metric in report passed to _update().


Together with get_state(), this is needed in order to store and re-create the mutable state of the searcher.

Given state as returned by get_state(), this method combines the non-pickle-able part of the immutable state from self with state and returns the corresponding searcher clone. Afterwards, self is not used anymore.


state – See above


New searcher object