How to Contribute a New Scheduler

This tutorial guides developers and researchers to contribute a new scheduler to Syne Tune, or to modify and extend an existing one.

We hope this information inspires you to give it a try. Please do consider contributing your efforts to Syne Tune:

  • Reproducible research: Syne Tune contains careful implementations of many baselines and SotA algorithms. Once your new method is in there, you can compare apples against apples (same backend, same benchmarks, same stopping rules) instead of apples against oranges.

  • Faster and cheaper: You have a great idea for a new scheduler? Test it right away on a large range of benchmarks. Use Syne Tune’s blackbox repository and simulator backend in order to dramatically cut compute costs and waiting time.

  • Impact: If you compared your method to a range of others, you know how hard it is to get full-fledged HPO code of others running. Why would it be any different for yours? We did a lot of the hard work already, why not benefit from that?

  • Your code is more awesome than ours? Great! Why not contribute your backend or your benchmarks to Syne Tune as well?


In order to develop new methodology in Syne Tune, make sure to use an installation from source. In particular, you need to have installed the dev dependencies.